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1. Application commission

★ Japanese
To apply to Immigration Bureau (changing status of residence, re-entry permit, and resident status application, etc.), the foreigner himself should do. However, when the person who exceptionally obtained the permission of Immigration Bureau does, the appearance obligation is exempted (the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act enforcement rule).

It is 'Application commission' system to change into the foreigner etc., to prepare a document, and to do the application commission to Immigration Bureau. - If Immigration Bureau requests it the appearance, this cannot be refused.

▼ 2. Requested advantage ▼ 3. Concrete commission application matter 
▼ 4. At the end

2. Requested advantage

 The foreigner need not prepare a document by himself/herself.
 It is not necessary to appear in Immigration Bureau.
 Time is not limited (Immigration Bureau is very crowded).
 The specialist follows a procedure.( The specialist takes training.)
 The administrative scrivener not permitted by Immigration Bureau doesn't get the appearance obligation exempted.

Immigration Bureau judges right or wrong of permission. It is sure not to be necessarily permitted.

3. Concrete commission application matter

 Application For Certificate of Eligibility
 Application For Permission To Engage In Activity Other Than That Permitted Under The Status of Residence Previously Granted
 Application For Change Of Status of Residence
 Application For Extension of Period of Stay
 Application For Permanent Residence
 Application For Permission to Acquire Status of Residence
 Application For Re-entry Permit
 Application For Certificate of Authorized Employment

4. At the end

Administrative scrivener Tomiyama is permitted from the Ministry of Justice Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau. The specialist prepares a document, and it transmits to Immigration Bureau. To obtain the permission of application, it does one's best. Request and contact us please click here.